Confido Introduction


We’re Confido 🚀 - an AI-enabled cash application and deduction management platform for next-generation CPG brands. We translate the work of gathering support, applying invoices, and categorizing deductions into a few clicks, freeing up 80+ hours of work per month for CPG Finance Teams and drastically reducing errors. Over the last year, we’ve helped brands like Mush, Feastables, and Chomps account for and track $100s of millions in sales and deductions.

The Challenge

Before Confido, finance, and accounting teams were bogged down with repetitive data collection tasks and manual data entry. To simply stay afloat required 100+ hours of manual work a month across

Backup gathering → Collecting documents from dozens of portals and emails

Manual accounting → Manually logging 1000s of data points into accounting systems every month

Deduction management → Classifying and extracting line item detail from 1000s of deduction invoices

The Solution

Autonomous backup collection: Daily downloads of remittance and support for dozens of retailers and distributors like UNFI, Walmart, Target.

Automated accounting: One-click payment application in accounting systems like QuickBooks and NetSuite with real-time two-way syncs.

Deduction Management: Detailed extraction of expenses by reason, product line, retailer, and more.

And more coming soon…

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