Confido partners with Cappello’s to streamline deductions and cash application

“Much less time spent, far better results. Confido has been a huge win for our business and trade spend reporting accuracy.”
Prior to Confido: Used hybrid model of manual tracking along with Vividly for deduction scanning

With Confido: Cut down time spend by 75% and reduced need for added headcount through automation

Founded in 2011, Cappello’s offers the world’s first almond flour pizzas, pastas, and cookie dough, with their unwavering commitment to set a new standard for frozen foods in a sustainable direction with simple, real foods.

Manual processes created a time sink

With nationwide distribution, Cappello’s growth came with big challenges regarding deduction and trade promotion management. Prior to Confido, the team has been using a hybrid approach of manual tracking along with Vividly for deduction scanning. 

As Lacee, Senior Staff Accountant and Sales Finance Manager, attempted to scale the partnership with Vividly, the team ran into roadblocks when getting new templates mapped and waiting for ticket responses took weeks or more at a time. Lacee noted, “Many, many hours were spent weekly on trade spend reporting, record keeping, and forecasting. Confido has changed all of that.”

With the growing amount of trade spend, especially during promotional periods, Cappello's was considering increasing headcount to manage the amount of manual work, which sometimes took up to 20 hours more a week.

Then, in 2023, Cappello's made the move to work with Confido.

Growing with Confido

Confido worked closely with Lacee and her team to build and iterate on feedback, with Lacee's experience, "Working with folks who know your business and priorities personally, and not just as a number on a giant balance sheet is refreshing and invigorating."

After the quick implementation with Confido, Lacee realized that the increased automation removed the need for adding headcount, since it reduced the amount of time spent managing trade promotions by 75%, which enables Cappello's to grow bottom line margins as the business scales.

No longer does Lacee's team have to work through through 250 page documents with seemingly 4pt typeface - instead, Confido's cash application and deduction management automates the process into a single click, and negates the risk of human error (up to 99% accuracy).

"Their system is slick, gets to the point, and with the addition of clearing (another game changing feature the team added due to customer feedback), payment application is more timely and accurate than it ever was in the past."

About Confido

Confido continues to work with Lacee at Cappello's, along with dozens of other leading brands to lead the standard in building the first automated financial operations software for CPG.

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