How Serenity Kids Runs Healthier on Confido

“We have a small team, and anytime we can leverage software to improve both accuracy and timeliness, it should be a win-win.”
The Problem: Inconsistency with manual deductions. Lack of centralized mapping.

The Solution: Confido’s nimble deduction management platform increased efficiency and accuracy on deduction mapping.

Serenity Kids produces nutrient-dense, organic, and whole food options for infants and young children. Their products often feature high-quality ingredients, such as grass-fed meats and organic vegetables, without added preservatives or artificial flavors.

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With Confido’s CPG deduction management platform, Serenity Kids’ mean and lean team was able to augment both accuracy and timeliness as a win-win solution. Typically, trade promotions are managed via a small team using excel - which works up to a certain extent, but isn’t a scalable solution as top line grows.

Prior to Confido, the team used manual deduction mapping to GL processes, which led to considerable amounts of inconsistencies and errors. The team lacked a centralized mapping system by customer, leading to inaccurate visibility into P&L line items and inability to drive action or accountability.

Serenity Kids was scaling fast in their sector, but the small team was finding it difficult track the promotions and spend as they scaled. Uncontrolled trade spending can lead to difficulties in financial management, creating leakage and ultimately halting progress.

Confido can help.

Confido offers a new, innovative solution to deduction management and the Serenity team agrees. Kirk Lin, Serenity Kids VP of Finance noted, “I saw the ability to impact the product roadmap to build a nimbler solution that met CPG brands’ needs. I also saw an opportunity to connect the platform with our deductions management partner to connect the end-to-end process of AR-Deductions-Dispute.”

The Confido team is excited for the continued partnership with Serenity Kids and they continue to scale.

“If we can bring the full deduction cycle into the platform for improved visibility to connect all dots - promo IDs, deduction coding, accrual management, disputes, etc, it would be huge.”

Choosing Confido

Using Confido’s platform allows for the following benefits:

  • ROI Assessment: Tracking promotion spending allows businesses to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for each promotional campaign and track against a trade rate. Analyzing ROI helps identify which promotions are most effective and which may need adjustments.
  • Dispute Invalid Deductions: Automatically parse and classify deductions in dollar-for-dollar detail, with native disputing tools. This ensures that invalid deductions are properly disputed, directly putting dollars back into the brand’s pockets. 
  • Cost Management: Monitoring promotion spending helps businesses manage their budget effectively. By understanding how much is spent on promotions, companies can make informed decisions to optimize their promotional strategies and avoid overspending.
  • Strategic Planning: Detailed tracking of promotion spending provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of different promotional channels, tactics, and messaging. This information helps in the formulation of future marketing strategies and the allocation of resources to the most successful promotional activities.

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